Chris is back on the floor at CES, where he spotted Metra Electronics' heavily modified "ElecTrick" 1994 Honda Civic hachback. The company gutted everything about this car and put back in an all-electric and drive-by-wire system, electric steering and brakes, a 7 hp electric motor powered by eight of the company's Tsunami batteries arranged in serial, 20" DUBs, HP Racing Brakes and serious audio/visual mods. The interior plays host to a removable WiFi tablet-style PC, which controls the audio/visual elements but also monitors the entire vehicle and can even be used to drive the vehicle remotely. The hacked PlayStation Portable, a contribution from Aurora Multimedia, can also be used to drive the vehicle remotely along with other functions. Under the hood is nothin' but audio equipment. There are also 6 DVD players, 23 Monkey touch screens, gauges on the bumper monitoring temp and load of the audio equipment, and incredible paint by Brian Boan of Devils Candy Customs, which took 4 weeks alone.  

The exterior modifications are cool as well -- Chris described to us how the custom rear hatch cuts into the roof like the hatch on the Dodge Magnum, only with a deeper cut, the B-pillar was removed, the rear fenders sport hand-laid fiberglass with structural support for a clean C-pillar "swoop."

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Metra Introduces Civic "ElecTrick" Show Car at CES
Source: Metra Electronics
Dec 20, 2005, 07:19

LAKE MARY, FLA., DECEMBER 19, 2005: Metra continues its tradition of show-stopping show vehicles with an amazingly modified 1994 Civic hatchback that will debut at Metra's booth, #3406, 2006 International CES.

Designed and created by Jeremy Carlson – Metra's car audio installation specialist and owner of the Bug-E-Bug Volkswagen Beetle that wowed fans across the country throughout 2004 – the Civic has been totally transformed into a futuristic vision of multimedia madness.

Metra's "ElecTrick" Civic features extensive body modifications performed over a two-month period. As a showpiece for Metra's industry-leading brands and products, the ElecTrick incorporates 23 Monkey Video (Metra's new mobile video brand) screens, Tsunami car sound accessories and Install Bay installation accessories. Its powerful 6,000 sound system features JBL equipment. Of course, the ElecTrick features plenty of the impressive motorizations for which Metra is known.

"We can't wait to introduce the ElecTrick to the industry and the public," Carlson said. "It is truly a piece of art that promotes Metra's products and talents."

Joining the ElecTrick will be the renowned Fishedition – the Ford Expedition reinvented as a sophisticated in-car entertainment environment by Metra's resident master of modifications, Dave "Fishman" Rivera. Although the plush ride has been touring the United States since spring, 2005, Fishman promises a few tweaks and new touches to send attendees further into an appropriate state of awe.

Fishman and the crowd-pleasing Fishedition have been featured on Speed Channel's Truck Universe, and are slated to appear on the same cable channel's Car Crazy in early 2006. Between the ElecTrick and the Fishedition, Booth #3406 is where the action's really at in Vegas.

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