Renault reveals revised-for-2006 Megane ahead of Brussels debut

Carlos Ghos... errr, Renault has released the first pics of its facelifted 2006 Mégane, which hits showrooms February 1.

J-Lo fans needn't despair, the French automaker has left the divine Miss M's bootylicious boot intact, adding only some new rear lamp fixtures and rub strips. Up front, the headlamps have received a once-over and the grille presents a  more tightly drawn beak, and foglamps have been pushed to the corners, as on the Mégane Renaultsport.

So... no great shakes aesthetically-- how about a peek indoors? Inside, there's a new color palette, improved sat-nav and comprehensively rejiggered trim levels, which now include an improved HVAC unit, rain-sensing wipers, light-sensing...umm... lights, and backup sensors to protect the beauteous bubble-butt.

The real news is in the engine room, where a new 2.0L dCi forced-induction derv-burner can be specified. The 150bhp diesel can reportedly bag 0-62mph in 8.7 seconds, and return city/highway mileage of over 52 mpg. The pair of 1.5L dCi units return sporting five more brake horsies (to 85bhp and 105bhp, respectively), and a 1.9L dCi proffers 130bhp. On the gas-powered front, there are five engines to choose from, ranging from the poverty-spec 100bhp 1.4L all the way up to the stonking 225bhp 2.0L turbo.

The revised Mégane makes its auto-show debut in Brussels on January 10.

[Source: Renault]


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