Joel's Top Ten Posts for 2005

I can't believe a new year is dawning. Heck, I can't believe December's coming to an end. I wrote and watched my first post go live on December 4th and have already passed the one hundred posts mark.
And it's been a thrill a minute. The automotive field is vast and, sometimes, overwhelming. John wasn't kidding on the number of tips I used to sent to Autoblog. So I decided to look back at my posts this year and select my ten favorites. Some made an impact with you--the readers--while others barely registered on your reading list.

But all, to me, meant something.

  • Autoblog Catch Up
Remind me never to suggest to the editor about compiling a list of posts more than two days old. Or, before I do, notify my fellow Autobloggers not to write so much!
Creative. And I expect a Scion xB to be filled with Milk Duds every time I see one now.
You know when you read about how cars are suppose to affect you emotionally? Well, I nearly fell over, gaping, when I first saw the MX-Crossport concept (pictured). So when I read that Mazda had green-lit the production to go live, I was in heaven since it'll be my turn for a new vehicle in a couple of years.

I can see the bumper stickers now: 'Don't tailgate me, my car runs on MAD COW biofuel'

Enough said.

I didn't expect to get caught up covering any controversial news (except the old import versus domestic or hybrid versus gasoline and diesel dichotomies.), so when this fiasco reared up, I and my fellow Autobloggers had no idea what some of your reactions would be. (My eyes still burn from some of the vitriol found in the comments.)

I'm a technogeek from working in IT and for personal interests. (I think I've burned at least a couple of computers from the number of PIMs I've tested alone.) I was ecstastic when I found this site.

This is actually the very post I wrote so it has personal meaning to me. But it's an interesting topic itself: very biased but a nice summary of many Americans feelings towards the Big Three (now Two). Personally, I owned a domestic (Dodge Neon) and currently drive an import (Mazda 626) and both had their share of troubles.

I like to read different sides on products and found the positive, gushing, response to the new Civic more than a bit biased. C'mon. Did you see that dashboard?

So I was quite pleased when I found two different sources questioning Civic's attempt to return to its "gotta have" tuner status. It will be interesting to follow how the new Civic sells in the upcoming years as competition continues to increase.

My first post that went live. Spammed all my friends and acquaintances with the link. Some never forgave me.

I was completely taken by surprise when Autoblog contacted me and still feel quite honored to be part of this team. Here's what happened--

Oops. John's cracken' that whip. Maybe I'll tell the story next year, y'all!

Happy holidays!

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