Both Chrysler and GM have snapped to attention since the new Mustang became a mainstream hit. The biggest automaker on the planet and its German-owned competitor are readying their own pony cars, a revived Camaro and a new Challenger, to take on the American Stallion in the marketplace in a few years. Not willing to let its most iconic car take too big a sales hit, Ford is preparing a number of new Mustang models including a next generation Mach1. According to StangsUnleashed, Roush has been tapped to develop the car and prototypes have already been built. Other Mustang variants are likely to be rolled out in limited quantities, just like the Bullit and Mach1 editions of the last generation 'Stang.
Of course, the GT500 super Mustang is about ready to roll and the regular GT hasn't lost much of its luster after being on sale for over a year (with 11,030 sold, it was Ford's best selling car in the month of November). Of all its cars and trucks, the Blue Oval makes it clear that the Mustang is one nameplate that deserves defending.

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