I've never been a fan of the Detroit Diesel 6.2L engine that was so popular in GM trucks from the 1980s, probably because the GMC C1500 that my dad had as a shop truck was about the slowest vehicle I've ever experienced. With 130 HP on tap, a sundial could have been used to measure acceleration. The weak performance of these vehicles means that many are now available for next to nothing, which makes the prospect of doing a performance-oriented rebuild somewhat attractive. Diesel Power walks through this process, updating their 1982-vintage engine with later-model parts and then tossing on a Banks turbo system for good measure. The results? About 190 HP and 350 lb-ft of torque, if I'm reading things correctly (a dyno graph might have been nice). I'm a big fan of oddball projects, but considering the estimated cost of $4,500 for this project, I'd either go with a gas small-block for a lot less money, or invest the same dough into finding a healthy used B-series Cummins I6.

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