Speed detecting cameras can obviously catch any speeder in the act, which means they don't blink when a patrol car is speeding through their sites. In Wales 101 police officers were notified of intended prosecution for exceeding the speed limit in police vehicles without their lights on. Only six, however, were prosecuted. The other 95 came up with allegedly valid reasons for using excessive speed, which include "attending burglaries in progress at night when lights can be seen from a long distance."

The law in Wales says nowhere that police vehicles have to use their lights when exceeding the speed limit and that they do so mainly to warn drivers of a cruiser?s presence. While I can?t speak for residents of Wales, the cops in Ohio generally drive as slow as my grandma until provoked. They seem to derive a sick pleasure from slowing down highway traffic to the exact speed limit, as no one has the cajones to pass a Crown Vic with a light bar.

[Thanks Benton for the tip]

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