While scavenging around the internet for spy shots I happened upon Motor Trend online and noticed that an obstacle had been placed in my once carefree path. It seems that MT online is no longer allowing the free entry of all into its website and has "gated" its premium content that includes future vehicles, concept vehicles and spy shots.

At first it felt like my parents had locked me out of the house, but then I noticed that anyone who has a subscription to the print mag can just go right into the premium content section of the site. So in I went.
I came back out and wanted to find out what the experience is like for those who don?t subscribe to MT, and it?s not that fun. You have to sit through what?s apparently called an ultramercial from the site?s Premium Content sponsor before you can get to the good stuff. The ultramercial is actually a real 10-second long commercial with video, audio and the whole works. Honda currently sponsors the site and has elected to use the Ridgeline in its ultramercial.

Though it?s sad to see barriers erected around the web that further compartmentalize information and restrict access, I can?t blame MT for this change in policy. The content of its premium section does cost real money to procure and produce, so if the mag needs to earn some revenue back through advertising then so be it. I commend them for making the process painless for subscribers and at least limiting the intrusion for everyone else.

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