Don't get all excited, this is just an obvious photoshopped attempt to visualize what the car might look like if Buick were given the go ahead to revive the fabled name of the Grand National GNX. But it begs a fun question: would a revived GNX help Buick create a new, more youthful and marketable identity, or would it merely serve to confuse the more mature Buick base and drive them into import showrooms?

[Thanks Dave for the tip]

It?s fun to play with hypotheticals, so here?s my alternate universe scenario. GM is producing a trio of high-performance RWD cars all based on the Holden platform currently underpinning the GTO, which effectively spreads the cost over three moderately selling models. Pontiac continues along the same path the GTO has strode thus far adding further content and luxury appointments while holding the price firm at $32,995. Buick gets its very own halo car in the form of a new Grand National, possibly even a GNX model, with a high-tech single or twin-turbocharged V6 and a price tag also above $30K. Chevy, meanwhile, gets the beloved Camaro back with retro-done-right styling like the Mustang and the 400-hp LS2 V8 starting at $27,995. Now those are some rebadged vehicles I could get behind.

What direction would you take GM high performance in these times of ultra-popular Mustangs and fast-as-hell four-bangers?

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