A member of the GM Inside News forum that goes by the tag Ming recently posted a treatise on GM's struggle to stave off a continual decline in market share and perhaps even bankruptcy. Ming bluntly says what many people have been thinking – stop insulating the U.S. market and import great products from your global brands. He calls for Pontiac-badged Holdens, Chevy-badged Daewoos and Buick-badged Opels to be sold in the U.S. market and the export of GM's better U.S.-only models to foreign markets. He cedes that the UAW won't go for it, although proposes that the loss of manufacturing due to the import of many models could be offset by the increased production of models earmarked for export. Would integrating its global assets be GM's Hail Mary pass that gets caught in the endzone? Read Ming's report and get back to us.

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