This isn't about the car. This is about the review. Woman Motorist has a review of the 2005 Kia Sportage where in the first two sentences, three glaring mistakes pop into view: "Kia Motor America has come a long way, as both a company and a brand, since they first came to the U.S. to sell cars in 19XX. They deserve to commended for their work."
First, it's Kia Motors America. Second, I could be wrong, but I don't think Kia came over in the year 'XX. And third, someone left out "be". Hey, I make mistakes too, but three errors in the lead paragraph? Okay, let's say I'll forgive that. There must be a unique woman's perspective in this, right? After all, the site is called Woman Motorist! Three grueling pages later, I haven't found one thing to differentiate this site from, say, the Po-Dunk Village Herald. I'll spare you the details of every other mistake I found. But a wreck this bad had to be shared.

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