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Rally Argentina winner crowned [Spoiler Alert]

After several grueling stages, Citroen's Sebastien Loeb notched up yet another win in his record-breaking season. Peugeot's Marcus Gronholm came in 30-seconds behind Loeb to take second place. Subaru's Petter Solberg ran into a rash of mechanical problems and has fallen even further away from Loeb, putting him in a distant second place in the driver's standings — 27 points behind. With just 7 more countries left in the world tour, Loeb seems destined to win it again.

Audi eyes the small SUV market with Q5

Audi's Q7 SUV has yet to hit the market and there is already word

Autoweek drives the Euro-only 2006 TT Quattro sport

Using the same 1.8-liter turbo, this Audi TT coupe adds 15hp, 29lb-ft of torque and loses 165 pounds. The result is a thoroughly satisfying coupe that's nimble and fun which we can't get in the US. Only 1,100 are expected to be built and will mostly end up in the UK and Germany. The car also gets carbon fiber Recaro seats, two-tone paint scheme, 18-inch wheels and stiffer suspension. By losing weight, such as the almost useless rear seats, and adding power, the 0 to 62 time drops to 5.9 s

Oh no! Saab to exit the pet accessory business

Someone at Saab figured out that trying to sell Saab-branded dog collars and bandanas isn't going to work. Saab decided to concentrate on safety devices to help the 40 percent of their customers who also ride with their pets on a regular basis – a smart move considering the slow sales of accessories. Interestingly, Saab decided not to product a doggie booster seat that would let smaller dogs look out the window and will not release pet accessories for the 9-7X.

Dumb and dumberer: BAR could be banned from F1 season

Sure, the US Grand Prix was a farce and a blunder of monumental proportions for Formula One, but now, after providing no other recourse than withdrawal from the race by the Michelin-shod teams, F1 is threatening to punish those teams for breaking F1 rules. The FIA is claiming that the teams who pulled out just before the race broke at least one rule and potentially damaged the Formula 1 reputation. The charge is that the teams 'wrongfully refused to allow [their] cars to start the race.'

Pikes Peak race official killed

I was planning on bringing you a preview of America's second oldest race, but this wasn't what I was hoping for.

Thomas Friedman argues for a Toyota-owned GM

The New York Times' foreign affairs columnist argues that Toyota's hybrid technology and other moves to reducing oil dependancy would be a strategic boon for the US. He frames his argument in very simple terms: that US should reduce it's dependancy on foreign oil by leveraging existing technology and reducing gas consumption by cars and trucks. It sounds as if he would like to see GM punished for creating Hummer. He calls government and business leaders to use more non-gasoline power sour

Toyota can't build Scions fast enough

In January, Scion forecasted that they would sell at least 120,000 cars. Now, they're revising that estimate to more than 140,000 although they believe it could be as high as 150,000. The only problem is that they can't build the cars fast enough. Last year, Scion sold 741 cars shy of 100,000 — the first year they sold nationally. Those kinds of growth numbers seem remarkable for such a new brand and accounted for more than half of Toyota's 10 percent increase in US sales. Scion's a

CNN claims millions of Fords a fire risk

CNN has reported that an investigation has revealed a defect in millions of more Ford trucks and SUVs that could result in fires, even when the engine is not running. These fires can be caused by a $20 cruise-control deactivation switch in the SUV or a truck. This type of switch was installed in millions of Fords from 1992 until 2003. The problem has already resulted in more than a million recalls, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration opened an expanded investigation int

Expect Honda Accord design changes and power upgrades this year

It's only mid-way through its lifespan, but the latest generation of Honda Accord will see a major refresh in an attempt to turn around the declining sales. For the first time in 12 years, Honda is faced with a potential decline in its overall sales in the US. Having a smaller lineup of SUVs and trucks than its competition, Honda is looking to renew interest and sales of its best-selling car. Overall, Honda's total US sale volume is off by 0.7% compared to May of last year. Accord makes u

Can a finger scan save your life in an accident?

Researchers at Cranfield Impact Centre and Nissan Technical Centre Europe has developed a crazy mixture of technologies, finger scanning and adjustable airbag and seatbelts, to try to save lives. It's quite innovative, actually. In accidents, treating different people with the same amount of seatbelt tension and airbag deployment can result in injury from the safety devices. (This is still a far better fate then not using them, so buckle up.) They are using an ultrasound scan of the finge

Men dream about horsepower, women dream about economy

Yeah, that's a gross generalization, but the Baltimore Sun has a short op-ed piece on the differences between the automotive desires of men versus women. In short, men love the sexy, fast sports cars that cost $100,000 or more, but women prefer something more frugal. Even the uber-econobox Kia Rio made the top-ten list of cars women want. Ironically, most of those men who wanted the automotive champagne wishes and caviar dreams only expected to spend about $18,800 for their cars.

A review I wish I hadn't read

This isn't about the car. This is about the review. Woman Motorist has a review of the 2005 Kia Sportage where in the first two sentences, three glaring mistakes pop into view: "Kia Motor America has come a long way, as both a company and a brand, since they first came to the U.S. to sell cars in 19XX. They deserve to commended for their work." First, it's Kia Motors America. Second, I could be wrong, but I don't think Kia came over in the year 'XX. And third, someone left out

Car smut: Chrysler Firepower galore

Road & Track got themselves some quality time with the Chrysler Firepower concept, which is based on the Dodge Viper. Feast your eyes on this gallery. And this isn't just your usual pictorial. R&T also got their hands on the designer Brian Nielander and has posted a video interview.

A tale of two Swedish-Americans: Saab versus Volvo

Both carmakers show a spirit of independence from the parent company, but one is the leading moneymaker in its group; the other continues to rack up losses. Care to guess which is which? Ford purchased Volvo from the truck manufacturer AB Volvo group in 1999. And now a Swede, the current CEO Hans-Olov Olsson, is returning to the chairman's seat. He will be replaced by another Swede, Frederik Arp, at the CEO position. Last year, Olsson delivered $700 million in profits to Ford. Jaguar, are

City of Pontiac considering tax breaks to GM for 3,000 jobs

It's standard procedure to give tax break to keep, or attract, jobs to a city. But something about this story just smells of desperation. The city of Pontiac, Michigan is considering giving two property tax breaks to GM that will last 12 to 25 years while the city faces a $23 million deficit this year alone. This move by the city is expected to keep more than 2,700 jobs and create almost 300 new ones. GM built their plants in specific industrial zones, which were designed to lure in manuf

GM to build state-of-the-art rollover crash test facility

What will $33 million buy the world's biggest automaker? Its own rollover testing grounds. Currently, GM does it rollover testing on someone else's property. This investment is meant to prove that GM is serious about reducing the more than 10,000 people killed in rollovers each year — which accounts for 25 percent of all deaths on our highways. It's also meant to help GM develop and roll out its StabiliTrak technology to all its non-commercial cars by the end of the decade to help i

Saab wants to deter drunk driving with an integrated breathalyzer

Saab has been working on a built-in breathalyzer for the last few years and now, it's going into real-world trial in Sweden. Basically, it works like a combined breathalyzer and anti-theft system. Saab expects insurance companies and governments to subsidize this feature and hopes customers will elect this as an option. It appears a little odd that Saab would invest in such a technology as the market for such a device is questionable, but I am glad to know that there's a company out there

Joystiq raves about Burnout Revenge

Two video game posts in two days? Only when you're talking about excellent games. This is a

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