What a crazy world we live in. Yesterday Apple Computer announced it was going to begin shipping its computers with Intel inside, and today we find out that Saturns are winning beauty pageants ( #1, #2). I'm expecting monkeys to fly out of my butt at any moment. Of course, said Saturn pageant winners are not current production vehicles, but the Pontiac Solstice-based Sky convertible and the Aura four-door sedan, both of which debuted at this year's Detroit Auto Show. These cars are slated for production as soon as their fetching exteriors get watered down by GM brass to the point we don't like them anymore, and then GMC and Buick will each get a version with different grilles and taillights. We kid because we love. Actually, we totally agree that these two cars could change Saturn's fortunes and repair the damage inflicted by the evil Ion.

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