Not content to let Vin Diesel and friends have all the fun, Nitrous Express is now offering a nitrous kit for the kids for $199 that fits up to nitro-powered RC cars, trucks, boats and planes.  A mini-toggle system activates the system at full throttle, so monster wheelies that instantly flip your car over should be expected. You may be wondering why an engine seemingly powered by "nitro" needs a nitrous bottle. This article explains that RC nitro fuel is made of three parts: methanol, oil and nitro methane. This article explains that nitrous is composed of nitrous oxide. By adding a nitrous bottle to your RC Bigfoot, you can obiously raise the percentage of nitrous in the combustion chamber and increase performance, or blow up your tiny motor. This article explains, however, why having the correct percentage of nitro in your fuel is important. Whatever, anything that makes it easier for the kids to emulate their Uncle Diesel is fine by us.

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