We all know what "high-value" means, right? It's the
least amount of substance a company can offer to attract the more thrifty among us. I could poke fun at this press release from Blaupunkt for how it tries to make the company's new entry level head units, the Monterrey MP35, Syracuse MP35 Bermuda MP35 and Laguna CD35, sound so desirable, but truth be told the majority of us, and I include myself, head right for these guys in the Best Buy car audio section when it comes time to replace our factory head units.

Sure, we may stare at those fancy units that flip open with the finesse of an origami paper crane. We may watch thier million-color LCD screens as they play a video of dolphins swimming in the sea. We may drool over thier front-mounted audio inputs into which we could plug our iPods, if indeed we could afford an iPod. I, for one, would rather applaud Blaupunkt for at least putting out a decent low-end product and trying to make us feel better about buying it. The four head units range in price from $120 to $210. The higher-end Monterey and Syracuse also feature the RGB Variocolour displays with 4,096 selectable colors. It may not be dolphins swimming in the sea, but it?s something.

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