Before we resume our normally scheduled GM bashing, lets take a look at a new possibility behind this recent branding idea GM has implemented. While adding an extra GM badge to existing brands seems silly on its face, perhaps it is to lead to a bolder move down the line. One reader suggested the GM Sequel Concept from the Detroit Auto Show was the harbinger of things to come. One umbrella brand. This isn't a bad idea that could alleviate some of GM's headaches but it certainly won't solve all of them.

Imagine combining Saturn, Pontiac and GMC together into GM. The only brands you can?t touch are Chevrolet (it?s Chevy), Cadillac (it is too successful) and Saab. Saab has other problems, but it won?t sell if it is called GM and isn?t distinctly different from everything else in the line-up.

That said, you could bring Hummer into the GM fold too. It wouldn?t be that hard to do, especially if Hummer sales keep sliding. Buick would be the only question mark since its older buyers so identify with Buick. But lets face it, those folks won?t be around that long and in another 10 years you could fold Buick into GM too. Cutting out badge engineering would be the boldest step in the whole endeavor. But who knows if GM would consider such a move. It?s one thing to use the same platform for radically different models, Malibu vs 9-3, but there?s no need for a Pontiac Torrent and Chevy Equinox.

I just wanted to go on the record that this might not be the worst thing ever to happen to GM. The sky falling might be put off for another day.

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