Sometimes we get products sent our way. Often, they go unused and clutter my office until my fiancée trips over it for the fifth time and it hits the trash. Sorry PR folks, that does happen. But today, UPS dropped off this three step cleaning "program" from Michelin for wheels and tires. Since it is spring and the Cubs are on TV right now, it is time to start cleaning. So Michelin's new product will get a real test with my car's wheels.

I mean does Michelin think they can tackle this wheel? There is a healthy layer of dirt and grime from a winter of street parking and mud puddle splashing. A very healthy layer of the Step 1 Wheel & Tire Cleaner was sprayed on. I waited the few seconds that was recommended and started scrubbing with a cloth. Most of the dirt came off on the first try but much more of it was really caked on. Only a miracle late night infomercial product could've removed that right away. But after a second go of thorough scrubbing, almost everything was clean. There is some heavy gunk that still needs to be addressed later. I then used Step 2 Tire Shine to get my Goodyears (sorry Michelin) nice and bright. Worked like a charm. Just check the before and after below. The coloration is a reflection from a mud puddle on the street. I told you it was muddy.

Now I figured I'd do a rear wheel too since it is more consistent with what our readers are probably facing, just a dusty, dirty wheel. That cleaning was much easier and faster and I didn't even use Step 2 and it looked clean and bright.

Step 3 is a Brake Dust Repellent that I didn't use since I'm not planning to keep these wheels for long. But I might need them clean for a Craigslist wanted ad when I replace them.

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