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WK: New York had many debuts and most of them were production vehicles. The two concepts that were shown to the world for the first time were the slightly disguised Grand Vitara, Suzuki's Concept X-2 and Scion's bigger box, the t2B. Suzuki's truck offers a glimpse of a much better Vitara and will bring them back in consideration for the smaller truck market after all these years. The Scion, while I'm not too keen on the box look, offered a lot of "packaging" ideas like suicide doors on the driver's side and a minivan-like slider on the other and a style that says pure Scion.
Grade: Suzuki: B  Scion: B-

DT: Pretty boring concept line-up this time out but what can you do? The Suzuki is better than any other SUV they've released and looks to be the best of the GM trio of Equinox, Vue and X-2. Also does this mean Marvel will sue Suzuki of using the name of the last X-Men movie? The Scion looks interesting and with some work on the back end could be a really neat replacement for the xB.
Grade: Suzuki: B- Scion: B

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