Jeep is discussing their new Wrangler and its boxy design. It seems Jeep is all about boxy these days. They heard the moaning over the loss of the classic Cherokee and are addressing the problem by working on a still boxy Wrangler. There is absolutely ntohing wrong with keeping the Wrangler boxy. The overall design of the thing hasn't changed since it debuted and goes back to the Jeeps of old, so the next gen not changing much doesn't bother me. But that still doesn't make the monstrosity of the Commander OK. The box doesn't work on that large a frame. Oh, back to the Wrangler. Jeep is coming out and saying that the curvier shape of the Liberty is for women and the angular Wrangler is for men. I've never heard a car company put the gender issue out there quite like that before. When I grew up in Florida lots of girls drove Wranglers and loved them. But I guess they're the oddity. Let's see if Jeep advertises it this way. I'm sure it wouldn't cause any stirring among the lady Jeep fans out there.

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