Reuters is reporting that Bob Lutz made statements today that GM would consider killing one of its weaker divisions if they don't turn around in the foreseeable future. The news is both shocking and expected. The two long-rumored choices are Pontiac and Buick the story says. However, I have a better idea. One division has shown lackluster styling, models and basically zero potential. I say kill Chevrolet. Of course they can't do that, but if you take a look at the models coming out, Pontiac has the best line-up with Solstice and the G6 coupe/convertible. What does Chevy have? The Equinox is rebadged for Pontiac already in the Torrent. The Malibu is horribly ugly. Impala and Monte Carlo are poor refreshenings and outdated. Only the trucks would be hard to replace, yet there are GMC versions of those. What exactly is Chevy offering? My bet would be Buick, even after good work on the LaCrosse and Lucerne as the one to go. Senior citizens that believe in the brand are rapidly turning to aging baby boomers that have no desire for Buicks and want luxury cars instead. Or they can get a rebadged product from the competition called Mercury. I'm still in shock that Lutz called these "damaged brands." Who broke them? Will anyone fix them? Instead it seems GM is happy to put one to sleep?

Thanks to Genghis for pointing us to the story.

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