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Checking back in. I see you guys are pretty harsh on the Lincoln. Wow. I didn't think a gussied up truck would cause so much uproar. I drove it around town for about an hour and thought the ride was very nice, the engine powerful (meaning loud) and the interior pretty slick.

Lincoln Mark LT view

One odd feeling of driving such a large truck is having your eyes on the same level as the top of a Ford Explorer driving in front of me. This thing is big.

I built a King Ranch on Ford?s website to be similar to what the Lincoln Mark LT has equipped, and the price came out to just over $41,000. The Mark LT?s sticker is $46,000 and comes loaded with leather, DVD, rear-parking assist, heated seats, mirrors etc. So the price argument isn?t really as valid as you might think. The fact that most of us can?t imagine spending that much on a truck doesn?t mean there aren?t people out there that do.
Lincoln Mark LT DVD
Also the grill is not the Mercury waterfall. It is a blade-like set-up that from the side changes appearance. As shown below. I?ve got three more hours with the truck. Is there anything anyone ?wants? to know/see?
Lincoln Mark LT Grill
Lincoln Mark LT Grill

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