Nike One 2022

I got the jitters, and it's not from too much coffee. The same problem that plagues many a GT 4 player also lives in my copy. I find that it happens most when there is either a dirt track or a lot of road imperfections on the track. It is like the camera action that makes the screen look like it is going over an uneven service is being translated to any text that happens to be on the screen. The picture above is of the Nike One 2022, a car that you are awarded when you get your IB License. AWD and 240+ hp. I haven't driven it yet. The photo options are massive. You can take a picture of your car in many real settings. Even with the jittery quirks, GT 4 is addictive and worth it.


Getting your IA License is going to be an interesting time. The second to last test is a FULL lap around Nurburgring test track. We?re talking about a 9-10 minute lap BEHIND the pace car. The ?Ring has enough surprise corners that you will hit the pace car (disqualified), miss the corner completely (disqualified), happen to slide a tire onto the gravel (disqualified) or fly into a guardrail at 150 mph (dead and disqualified). Then you?ll get 8 minutes into your lap, do something stupid to get disqualified and have to start all over again. Thank goodness drinking and virtual driving isn?t illegal. Now back to the ?Ring.

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