You want to haul a lot of stuff and look good doing it. You also don't mind adding an air of British snootiness to your commute. And maybe, just maybe you'd like a bit of power too. Then the new Range Rover Sport, starting at £34,995 in England (no U.S. info yet), is just for you. There is a choice of a V6 diesel, V8 gasoline powered or V8 supercharged engine. Their 0-60 times are 11.9, 8.2 and 7.2 seconds respectively. The diesel gets 27.6 mpg while the supercharged V8 comes in at 17.8 combined mpg. Not too bad for that kind of performance. The V8 starts at £58,995. OK, so how soon until every soccer dad is racing his buddy's Cayenne S around suburbia?

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