The old adage goes "Don't discuss sex, religion or politics unless you want to get in a fight" and we believe that you can add "favorite car brand" to that line of discussion topics for autophiles. If you scroll down to the third story on The Car Connection's Daily Edition, CNW Marketing Research crossed the line connecting politics with car buying. CNW took a sample base of 150,000 people to see what political affiliation drives what. Some observations (don't shoot the messenger): Republicans favor Lincoln, Buick, Mercury and Cadillac and dislike Suzuki, Scion, Saturn, Kia and Hyundai. Democrats weigh in with Subarus, VWs, Hondas and Buicks (??) and poo-poo Mercurys, Dodges and Hummers. There are a lot of "well, duh"s in this study, much of it could be determined by common sense (coasts vs heartland).

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