2005 Scion xA: In The Autoblog Garage Day 3

One of the huge factors that makes the Scion xA so attractive to car buyers is the low price. Our testers MSRP before options was $13,280. That includes a lot of standard equipment like ABS, CD player,  power windows and locks and even A/C. But the test vehicle was also loaded with those infamous tuner influenced options that ballooned the final price to a whopping $17,454.

There are some options in the mix that I shouldn?t discount like the side curtain airbags at $650.  You also really can?t go without the floor and cargo mats at $120. But that?s where I?d stop. Why anyone would add a 6-disc CD changer to the stock set-up is beyond me. For $395 there are countless aftermarket head units to be had.

Some of the options I wouldn?t mind adding. The rear spoiler is pretty nice and adds to the look of the car as a whole without it feeling lame. That rang up at $385. While the $189 carbon fiber B pillar ?appliqu? seemed like a waste since you couldn?t tell what it was from far away anyway.

The neon underneath the foot wells I actually like but would have a hard time forking over $280 for it. I also like the red sport pedal covers for $79. That?s not much more than a nice set anyway and these are professionally installed.

Lit cup holders definitely would not be on my ?must have? list at $299. Ouch. They only worked well at night too. But the aluminum sills on all four doors were definitely classy at $139.

Both the 10 spoke rims, $665, and foglights, $350, were nice touches but you could probably get a nicer 15 inch rim and tire combination at one of the big retailers for around the same price. Check out Day 1 and Day 2 in the Scion xA.

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