There is one game that is the holy grail to car buffs. We know there is heated debate over how Forza Motorsport will do when it hits Xbox in a few months, but no game, none, has such a giant following as the Gran Turismo series. It's creator is even called one of the most influential people in the auto industry. The series' popularity was almost single handedly responsible for bringing the high performance Subaru WRX and Mitsubishi Lancer Evo to the United States. So when we read about a release date on Joystiq, and multiple sites, we knew our prayers had been answered. We're wondering if the strategic planning of the release a week after Valentines Day was strategic. Men, treat your ladies right on Valentines and make sure they give you a good solid week to absorb GT4. And if you're lucky they'll give you another for Forza too.

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