You've been waiting for it. Anita Lienert brings us a "Preview" of the Honda Ridgeline and her first line reads, "It looks too pretty. That's what consumers in U.S. focus groups told Honda Motor Co. executives when they saw the 2006 Ridgeline." Where are automakers finding their focus groups these days? Schools for the blind? Then a Honda exec says they made the Ridgeline so men buying it wouldn't feel guilty because the truck was too manly? Are they kidding? How many women drive huge honking SUVs as it is. This all leads back to 80 percent women approving of all vehicle purchases one of the most misleading statistics we've yet to hear. Anyway Anita likes the Ridgeline of course. But at least she points out the lack of trim, engine and drivetrain options. She also points to how it isn't entirely friendly to women. There are no adjustable pedals, no telescoping wheel and no vanity mirror for the driver! Seriously who doesn't put a mirror on the driver's side anymore? Actually the straight comparisons to the F-150 are terrific and we have to say this is one of Anita's best write-ups. She's the first journalist we've seen to point out any real flaws on the Ridgeline. Also note the ad text in the story around the word "Home Depot."

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