There was a lot of discussion during the auto show about how great the new Honda Ridgeline is and how "impactful" the gadgets will be to buyers. Personally I think the trunk is overrated, but it seems everyone else is falling over trying to talk it up. So here, on Autoblog, we're going to show a series of photos that show how the trunk can be used. I hope everyone enjoys it. Click below for the full tour.

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Man that?s deep!
Ridgeline Trunk 2
Sliding spare access is actually pretty cool.
Ridgeline Trunk 3
Honda says the trunk fits a 72 quart cooler. Remember to lift with your knees.
Ridgeline Trunk 4
Even trucks these days have to show off their golf bag capacity. Ridgeline holds three in the trunk.
Ridgeline Trunk 5
Here?s the side opening gate so the trunk is a little easier to get too.

Thanks for taking the tour.

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