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Note: Even though these cars "debuted" in L.A., they were at Detroit for the press to ogle.

DT: The G6 coupe and convertible are winners and will finally give GM real models to compete with the Chrysler Sebring and Toyota Solara. As simple product they win. A nice black Solstice called me most but the Torrent and "new" GTO were ho-hum. Pontiac still offers the best of the GM line in my opinion, but since there was no flashy debut or concept in Detroit their score is a bit lower.
Grade: C+

WK: Here's another rebuild in process. The G6 lineup is a good start. The coupe is formulaic but just distinctive enough to know it is a Pontiac. A hardtop convertible at this price point is very welcomed. I was disappointed with the lack of distinction between the Torrent and Chevy sibling, but the truck hits the heart of the segment. The powertrain is VERY disappointing. This long lead time for the Solstice is killing the buzz.
Grade: B

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