While Chrysler was dropping the wraps on their new vehicles the Mazda platform had already brought out three of its newest vehicles. Mazda has a presentation tomorrow afternoon but as I approached the display the new Mazda5 greeted me. It is definitely not a stunner and I don't really like it much in person. People were munching on sushi right next to the MX-Crossport. Unfortunately all of its doors were open so I couldn't really judge the design aesthetics. But the main thing that struck me was it was just too big to actually work in the real world.


Mazda MX-Crossport Concept

Then off in the corner was the car I was really interested in. The Mazdaspeed 6 was there in all its silver glory. The hood is just so cool and along with the re-designed rear makes the Mazdaspeed look very, very aggressive. The two-tone interior was offset with some carbon-fiber looking accents that weren?t half bad. But the two-tone itself was hot. Have I mentioned I can?t wait to drive one?

MazdaSpeed 6

MazdaSpeed 6

David Thomas filing via e-mail.

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