The much disputed redesign of the Audi line has finally made it's first stop to the Autoblog Garage. An "oyster grey metallic" A6 pulled up sporting a thin layer of dirt and that trademark snub-nose. Bad weather contributed to the dirt, German engineers had their hands in the grill.

In person the A6 and the grill look much more masculine and attractive then in the photos I?ve seen. The size of the A6, over the smaller A3, also adds some substance and visual weight to the design. It is striking.

Inside the A6 is very similar to the A8 I drove last year. Except here the LCD screen is integrated formally into the dash. There?s Audi?s version of iDrive of course called the Multi-Media Interface or MMI. At first I was confounded by it but after a day it becomes second nature with easy controls on the steering wheel to help prevent unwanted button pushing when it counts.

A6 wheel 250All the materials scream luxury and for close to $60,000 for this fully loaded 4.2 Quattro they should. The coolest feature to me was the grill like shape on the wheel. Do you call that synergy?

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