In a change that may appear lateral because of the job title Robert Davis moves from Senior Vice President, Product Development and Marketing to Senior Vice President, Product Development and Quality of Mazda's North American operations. The real reason for the change come from these quotes: ""For Mazda to increase our profitability and market share in North America, including Canada and Mexico, it's critical that the vehicles we sell here be developed for and by our North American team," said Jim O'Sullivan, President and CEO of MNAO. "These changes give Robert Davis the authority — and the right team — to control two of our most important assets, product development and product quality." In the few conversations I've had with Davis he seems like a straight shooter that above all just loves cars. I always wondered about his development/marketing title before and am glad he's moving to the quality side. Mazda still hasn't named a VP of Sales and Marketing but I think that placement will be vital if Mazda wants to improve its place in the automotive consciousness of the U.S.

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