American ChopperAs some of you may know I write about a variety of topics for other outlets including video games. But lately I've been making sure I get every automotive related title out there so I can post about them here. The latest is the adaptation of the popular TV show American Chopper. How do you make a realty TV show into a video game? Beats me but someone out there thought it was a good idea. Unfortunately the game is a bit boring and at least for me pretty darn hard. Players take on the role of "the new guy" at the Teutuls' shop and have to ride a bunch of their custom bikes around town to complete missions. These can be as mundane as picking up parts to drag racing to outrunning the cops. I came to two realizations: 1. I can't believe there are no good road based motorcycle games out there; 2. This is definitely not a good motorcycle game.

Oh well. Only real fanatics of the show will enjoy this game and even then most of the cut scenes I got to didn't feature the real humor of the show because it is so scripted.

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