This article in BusinessWeek addresses Honda entering the U.S. truck market with the upcoming Ridgeline. Believe it or not Honda thinks this is the missing key to winning American buyers. "Honda customers are typically buyers of compacts and minivans, but now they're clamoring for pickups," says Takeo Fukui, who stepped in as Honda's president 18 months ago. "The Ridgeline helps us meet that need." Really? They're "clamoring" for pickups? Every reader, right now, think of every Honda owner you know. Do you think any of them would ever buy a truck? Ever?! I sure can't.

BusinessWeek does an excellent job at breaking down why Honda, one of the most respected names in automobile reliability in this country, isn?t doing as well as it could or should. It also points to the new Civic as a must win. DUH! The Civic, not some price gauged truck, is the bread and butter of Honda, besides the Accord. Lately we were given a crappy Civic Si and then the regular Civic sedan and coupe barley evolved over the last few years. We need more. The cool thing about the Civic was that it always came in so many variations. And I know more than a few readers want a Prelude. Bring back an affordable sport coupe for the everyday driver instead of a niche roadster like the S2000.

Then finally give the CR-V a full makeover and make a better Element and new Pilot and you should be all set for your ?trucks.? That?s what people want they just want them better and newer. The company is even talking about a full size SUV if the Ridgeline does well. Guess what? It won?t so don?t even bother us with a concept please.

Plus what about the Odyssey? That should do terrifically this year.

This isn?t rocket science. Am I totally nuts? Today is turning into rant day for me.

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