Do you want a scary statistic? Well, you're going to get it anyway. Some 28% of recalled vehicles go unrepaired each year. That means of the 19.1 million recalled vehicles in 2003, over 5 million were not repaired. Blame gets placed on everyone involved, the vehicle owner is probably the easiest to blame, but many experts place blame on the manufacturers and federal regulators, because they have not developed a better system to track which vehicles have and have not been repaired. The main debate seems to be whether or not automotive manufacturers can be trusted to get recall repairs done. Those that think manufacturers can be trusted say that it is a huge customer satisfaction issue. If repairs are not completed, that comsumers may not but that manufacturer's product again. On the other side of the fence, with the huge costs that recall work incurrs, many think that recall notices are purposely toned down by automotive manufacturers to give them seem non-urgent, making the owners less likely to respond to the recall. They also point to cases like Mitsubishi Motor Corp., which is dealing with a 25-year recall cover-up scandal. Despite who receives the blame, it is still a scary proposition that 1 in 4 recalled vehicles are still wandering America's roads, unrepaired.

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