Unveiled at the SEMA tradeshow today were three steroid infused examples of Volvo's answer to the plethora of factory tunermobiles flooding the marketplace. First is the XC90 PUV "power utility vehicle" with what appears to be a blown V8 expected to churn out 650 gut-wrenching, sports-car-spanking horsepower. 


For those in search for the proper performance estate, the V50 activity sportswagen packs a full stable of 340 horses grabbing the asphalt via an electronically controlled 6 speed AWD gearbox. 


 Rounding up the list is the S40 sports sedan massaged by tuner outfit Evolve. The sedan shown at this year's SEMA has an output of 425 horsepower, thanks to an upgraded turbocharger repositioned away from the intake manifold.      

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