It seems we can't hire fast enough here at Autoblog HQ. Our good friend and founding Autoblogger Chris Diken is leaving us for the real world of 9-5 employ. We wish him the best. That also means the hunt is on for one, or possibly two, new bloggers to join Dave Ko and I. We'd like one blogger with some classic car/hot rodding experience. So if you spend your Saturdays in the garage with a rat rod, or an old Camaro, and know your way around the English language, feel free to submit yourself.
We do pay. It won't be enough to buy that new M5 you've always wanted but it will take care of the monthly Corolla payment you've been carrying since college.
Please send your submission via the Tips link. We will take another look at what was sent in from our last request but if you're really interested please re-submit your info (name, experience, writing/blog/website samples etc.). That would be a great help for us to evaluate candidates.

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