Reports are coming in across the country - the 2005 Evolution MR is here.  From the pictures, you can see the graphite gray color, black winglets, and vortex generator on the roof that set it apart from the plain vanilla garden variety Evo. However, they nixed the taillights from the JDM MR in favor of the all too common Altezza style lenses that will eventually be replaced and end up on eBay for $30 (buy it now price).  Not to get caught up in details, the important features such as the 6spd gearbox, active center differential, upgraded bilstein suspension, aluminum roof, BBS wheels, and improved turbine nozzle/wastegate design have all made their way to our shores relatively unmolested.   From the looks of it, the ~$35k MSRP coupled with dealer markups of $1000-$5000 could possibly price the MR in M3 territory. 

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