If there was ever a time for Ford to test its mettle this is it. For the 9th year the company has last market share and is now at 16.6% in the U.S. Ford also announced they were shutting down the Browns Lane Jaguar factory in Coventry, England. The positive news is that the company has four new models hitting the streets fairly soon and despite our disdain for its design the new Five Hundred sedan is getting generally positive marks. I'm still wondering why the new Mustang isn't getting teaser commercials every day until it hits showrooms. There has been no advance hype about the car in the mainstream media. Couldn't they have gotten it on Dr. Phil, placed a zombie behind the wheel in Resident Evil Apocalypse or have players on the Apprentice try and deliver pizzas in it? Luckily dealers are positive. "We'll sell every Mustang we can get our hands on," said one California dealer.

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