[Sarcasm] Hooray. [/Sarcasm] Built on the same platform underpinning its dump truck and snow plow lineup, the International CXT pickup makes a Hummer H1 look like it's being perceived through the wrong end of some binoculars. It can carry three times as much as the sad, middling, weak-ass pickups you usually see on the road, plus it comes with air brakes and one of those big-rig-style vertical exhaust pipes. The CXT moves thanks to a 220-hp diesel making 540 lb./ft., and although it seats five, has captains chairs and a substantial DVD/satellite radio system, it's being marketed to landscaping and construction firms at a price of 100 grand. It also seems like it would appeal to men with no hauling needs but microscopic genitalia. If this sucker isn't a Red State item, I don't know what is.

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