First off there's the Tequipment power upgrade, a 50-hp bump for the Cayenne Turbo that increases output to 500-hp and beefs up the suspension and brakes, allowing the Teq-Turbo to blaze 0-60 in 4.9 seconds. Not at all shabby. A new Turbo with the Tequipment package will retail for $109,200, and it can be retrofitted on older Turbos for a paltry $18,500. Hmmmm, an extra 50 horses or a loaded Mazda 3? I simply can't decide. 2005 will also herald the availability of a panoramic roof for all Cayennes, with three movable segments and a surface area of 15 square feet. The price for all that open space is $3,900. Hmmmm, a 42-inch flat screen TV or…nevermind.

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