Ford is giving itself a year to figure out if the Five Hundred can morph into an all-wheel-drive cruising machine powered by a V8, but, like any good company, they're also keeping their options open. They apparently have a few alternatives, not all of which have been revealed, although plugging along on the same dated (think late 70s, people) Town Car chassis is also a possibility. The redesigned Town Car and Lincoln LS successors will probably be developed on the same platform underpinning the Five Hundred, Ford Freestyle and Mercury Montego, although no one knows when any of this so-called "development" will occur. The primary change to the Five Hundred would be a substantial lengthening, something which could be quickly and cheaply attained by simply responding to one of those ubiquitous "P h ar ma cy !!1! $ale - give her unlimited orgazmz" emails. Hey, it worked for that guy on TV.

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