For those that have commitment issues even a lease term may seem too binding. Those are the types of people are hoping to attract. It's a listing service where people go to unload their leased cars. It seems many companies allow the transfer of a lease title as long as the new "buyer" agrees to the original terms (including mileage restrictions) and is eligible for the lease. It costs $50 to list a car and Swaplease then charges $95 for every successful transaction. And even though the original leasing company then might charge hundreds of dollars to finalize a trade, people still seem to like it. "We were looking for a car that was larger, but not too long of a lease because we wanted to try a larger vehicle out first," said one customer looking at a Buick Rendezvous (which this story incorrectly spells "Rendevous"). While it's a novel idea I think renting a car from Enterprise would be even less risky.

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