Drum roll please. It's what we've all been waiting for. The new NHTSA rollover crash ratings. And the winner is…the Chrysler Pacifica.
Is everyone calmed down yet? If not here is the meat of the issue. For years the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has ranked rollover results with a 5-star rating system. One problem with that system was that most SUVs fell into one category because they spread so widely over a range of results. Now the NHTSA will list the percentage chance of a rollover along with the star-rating. So if there are four, four-star rated vehicles we now know which is best. The top rated SUV was the Chrysler Pacifica, even though many folks consider it a station wagon, Chrysler asked it be included with SUVs. In my eyes I think Pacifica is much closer to an SUV than wagon. Although it's closer to a minivan than anything else.

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