It seems we weren't the only ones surprised when word leaked Chrysler was contemplating a youth brand like Toyota's Scion. Dealers across the country are divided down the middle into two camps: Those that think a new brand will be a homerun with little cars like the Slingshot concept shown here; and then there are those that think Dodge is already a youth brand drawing younger customers with the Magnum. Here at Autoblog I think it could succeed either way. However, the parent company is already bringing Smart to the U.S. Could they really afford to promote two new brands effectively? I doubt it. Why not use the Smart architecture and make Dodge cars like the Sling Shot shown here. Chrysler should continue its upscale path, but a new Neon replacement is still the most vital model needed in the American line-up. Imagine a compact with Magnum lines or even the lines from the Slingshot…have I said this before?

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