Respected automotive columnist Jerry Flint rips into Ford's Premier Automotive Group (PAG) in his Forbes column today. It's almost like Mr. Flint was born to be a blogger but is from the wrong generation. While it's easy to agree with a great many things he says I will put my foot down and say Volvo is making great strides under Ford. The newly designed S40 (and presumbably the V50 wagon) is a terrific vehicle, their XC90 SUV is attractive and they still maintain that aura of safety. Jaguar and Land Rover do have problems. I just don't see Land Rover ever making it in the U.S. the way they stand now. Jaguar could/should be more popular than it is however. Oh and then Mr. Flint rails against Lincoln. I think Lincoln isn't as bad off as he thinks with the Navigator and the LS, one of the most overlooked sedans of the past few years. You can tell a really savvy car buyer when you see an LS go by. Lincoln just needs some design & marketing help. They could easily battle Cadillac.

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