The brains at Daimler Chrysler are contemplating a youth-oriented brand a la Scion to attract more buyers. While there is no question Gen Y may be a gigantic buying segment for cars in the next 5-10 years is it wise to launch an entire new brand to sell them on your products just because Scion is performing well so far? Why not just spend the untold millions it will cost to generate name recognition and interest on a new brand on future cars themselves? Why not finally redesign the Neon, hopefully rename it, and make it a multi-platform vehicle that can have a coupe, sedan, wagon etc. None of the Chrysler brands have that many models in the line-up anyway. Make Dodge the youthful arm and Chrysler the high-end company. Plus that would save us all from having to endure whatever horrible name Chrysler comes up with for a new brand.

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