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The compact crossover starts at at $39,595.

Meet the F-Pace's little brother.

We drove it. You get to watch.

Watch the drag-strip launch at Lucas Oil Raceway.

Toyota invited us to share the 24 hours of action.

On this episode of Translogic, join our host Bucko as he tags along with the Toyota team at the 2017 24 Hours Of Le Mans.

The film features original interviews and vintage racing footage.

Cleaning these 5 spots are critical to a quick sale. Find out how on this episode of Autoblog Details.

Our friends at Bronco6G have released a number of new high-resolution Bronco renderings. While we can hope that a two-door version makes it to production, we fully expect the volume seller to be a four-door variant.

Other vehicles include a tank and a McLaren 720S.

That's 18 mph faster than the last test.

A Tesla Model S is electronically limited to 155 mph.

Herding instincts kick in, and the little gnu calf takes a liking to this Hyundai.

It even tries to suckle the car.

Einride T-Pod is an electric, self-driving truck with no windows. Passenger vehicles are only one piece of the puzzle as transportation evolves to be cleaner and more automated.

Please don't try to fly it, though.

Own a questionable piece of VTOL history.

On this episode of The List, our hosts Jessi and Patrick are trackside for the entire 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Spoiler Alert: The suspect was caught. And the result wasn't pretty.

The Delsbo Electric Battery Powered Rail Vehicle Challenge is an annual competition that takes place in Sweden. Open to students, the goal of this challenge is to create a battery-powered rail vehicle that minimizes energy consumption.

Volvo is smart to keep up with the competition.

Diesel is still part of the plan, but this allows for a quick pivot.

Smartbe is a stroller that moves itself through the use of an electronic motor. This stroller offers a climatized carry cot, a feeding bottle warmer, an automatic rocking chair, automatic power folding, music, an electronic locker, an anti-theft sensor, a microphone and webcams, among other breakthrough features

Find out how overtouching happens and how to avoid it today on Autoblog Details!

2 / 609
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