Toyota Corolla

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2015 Toyota Corolla
MSRP: $16,900 - $22,905
2014 Toyota Corolla
MSRP: $16,800 - $21,300
2013 Toyota Corolla
MSRP: $16,230 - $20,550
These are 2014's best-selling cars and trucks

Out of 16.5-million overall sales in 2014, the top three vehicles sold last year in the US were pickup trucks, led by the Ford F-Series. The rest of the top ten featured three Hondas, two Fords, two Toyotas and a Nissan, and elsewhere on the charts a number of brands had record years.
Honda Civic losing ground to Toyota Corolla, sales crown threatened

Oh, what a difference a year has made. When the numbers were tallied for 2013, the Honda Civic was riding high by claiming its segment's sales crown in the US despite being challenged by the latest generation of the Toyota Corolla for part of the year. However, with just a month to go in the battle for C-segment supremacy in 2014, it looks like Toyota gets to hoist the trophy this time.
Toyota explains what names like Camry and Yaris mean

Ever wonder where automakers get the names for their cars? You're not alone. The sitcom Seinfeld opened Episode 94 – the one where George Costanza buys a Chrysler LeBaron instead of a Volvo – with a bit about nameplates like Integra, Supra and Impreza. Toyota, clearly, is not exempt from choosing evocative but enigmatic names for its models, and now the Japanese automaker is taking us through the etymology of some of its nameplates.

For Sale

2011 Toyota Corolla
$10,188 / 50,753 miles / NJ
2011 Toyota Corolla
$12,937 / 45,817 miles / NJ
2013 Toyota Corolla
$13,699 / 40,070 miles / NY