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Does it really matter?

There doesn't seem to be any new hardware associated with Autopilot 2.0.


Is that more or less than 1.21 gigawatts?

P90D owners are invited to upgrade... for an additional charge, of course.


Plugless Power's system for the Model S runs about $2,400.

The Tesla system costs more than the ones for Nissan, Chevy, or Cadillac.


Records 2.65-second zero-to-sixty time

Officially, the Tesla Model S goes from a dead stop to 60 miles per hour in 2.8 seconds, but newer ones may be quicker.


Tire Rack says it sells 91 tire models that can fit a the larger-battery Tesla.

Not sure why Tire Rack would've gotten a preview, but, well, here we are.


The feature is now referred to as "self-assisted driving" rather than "Autopilot" or "self-driving."


Full details are not yet known.

This story will be updated as more details come in.


New battery could push range to 380 miles for Model S.

The 'P100D' really does exist.


Driver claims Tesla promoted Autopilot as self-driving technology.

The crash brings up questions about how clearly Tesla illustrates the capabilities of Autopilot.


It's definitely quick, but the record might not become officially recognized.


Tesla-Volt-kit car mutt gets smoking quarter-mile time in first trial.

And by 'too much' we mean it needed to be careful at launch.


Does this example prove that Autopilot saves lives?

Tesla says Autopilot saves lives. Does Joshua Neally's experience prove it?


It could be dangerous... if you have access to a $90,000 signal generator.

Researchers in South Carolina and China teamed up to fool the radar and ultra-sonic sensors in a Tesla Model S' Autopilot system. But it wasn't easy.


It's not the first time Diarmuid O'Connell has insulted the competition.

A Tesla exec had some strong words for his company's rivals, calling on them to build EVs with more range, performance, and excitement at a lower price.


Tesla reportedly doesn't believe Autopilot is to blame for the fatal crash that recently took place in Florida.


But what if no-one listens?

Only to be dismissed by CEO Elon Musk.


Mobileye will offer Tesla support but will redirect towards BMW.

Tesla and Israel-based tech firm Mobileye will discontinue partnership on developing Autopilot-related software.


Model S was going 74 mph in a 65 mph zone.

Run, don't walk, if you want to buy one of these cars used.

We talk a lot about new cars, but people often go the used route. And the used car market hides some fascinating data that we sometimes overlook.

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