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455Widow Charged Over $2,300 For Deceased Husband's Lease

Toyota using law firm to extract over $2,300 from dead customer

Toyota is currently taking legal action against Sally Shafton, an 81-year-old widow, for fees associated with her husband's "early cancellation" of his lease, The Los Angeles Times reported. The reason for his early cancellation? Death at 83 from prostate cancer.

13Your Car May Be In Demand Overseas

Pent up demand in foreign markets may help lower your lease payments

A growing number of American car leases are being taken over for the purpose of being shipped overseas at the end of the term, according to Swapalease.com. This is happening particularly because fewer lessees and dealers plan to keep the leases because of the changing equity position.

14Nissan Leaf battery lease available in UK for £70 a month

Buy an EV, lease the battery. In the UK, this uncommon financing scheme will be available to anyone interested in a 2013 Nissan Leaf.

AddTesla announces 'revolutionary' lease option for Model S starting at $1,050/month

Just how "revolutionary" you think the just-announced lease option is for the Tesla Model S will depend on a lot of factors, like how much gas costs where you live and whether or not your current car drinks premium or not.

5Five Things You Need To Know About Leasing Vs. Buying A Car

Do some basic math about your driving needs before you choose

MONEY -- You can get great deals on car leases these days, but a few wrong turns will cost you. Here's what you need to know.

1KBB, ALG awards recognize hybrids with best resale value

For car shoppers doing their math on lifecycle ownership costs, hybrid electric vehicles always present the challenge of being more expensive – maybe $5,000 more – than comparable non-hybrid models. High gasoline prices can help tip the scale in favor of gas-electrics, as do great loan and lease deals. Resale value is another factor in the equation, and several hybrid models, including a plug-in hybrid version, have been on the market long enough to show their long-term value.

AddNissan Streamlines Process For Customers Turning In Leased Cars

Japanese automaker using app that scans VIN numbers of returning leases

Returning a leased vehicle could soon be as easy as turning in a rental car for customers of Nissan and Infiniti.

25Mazda Demio EV leasing begins in Japan in October

Looks like Mazda is going to do some "Zoom Zoom" of the quieter variety.

16Mitsubishi i gets four stars from NHTSA; leases start at $249 a month

Hmmm, 12 fewer miles of range or $40 more bucks a month?

60Chevy Volt actually underpriced given current lease payments, residual estimate

Here's another way to think about the Chevrolet Volt extended-range plug-in hybrid: as a raging good deal.

244Best March Lease Deals

March is turning out to be the best month for car sales and leasing since 2007. If you are like a lot of consumers, you are finally getting off the couch and into a new car, SUV or truck. Surveys show consumers are showing more confidence in the economy, and shopping sites like AOL Autos for their new ride.

15Tesla, Athlon reach agreement to lease Model S EVs in Europe

Tesla Motors and Athlon Car Lease have reached an agreement for the world's first leasing program involving Tesla's Model S battery-electric luxury sedans.

2PSA Peugeot Citroen teams with GE for Europe-wide electric vehicle leasing

The road to 25,000 EVs is paved one car at at time.

3Top 7 Ways To Save On Car Leasing Turn-In Fees

How To Avoid Paying At The End Of Your Lease

Leases can save you a bundle on your monthly payment, but you should never forget that you don't actually own the vehicle. Otherwise, you may get a very expensive reminder at the end of your lease when your car undergoes its wear-and-tear inspection. That's when you learn the price tag for the door ding you got in the supermarket parking lot. Or that cigarette burn in the upholstery. O

7How To Beat The Dealers Price On Leasing

Credit Unions Can Offer Consumer-Friendly Terms and Service

Credit unions, long a good source for car loans, are starting to make a comeback in vehicle leasing, hoping their track records of friendly service and low rates will help them build up an extra line of business. That's good news for consumers and business people. As these institutions tiptoe back into the market, they are providing customers with another option for financing a vehicle after

AddWhen You Have To Break Your Car Lease

How To Cut Your Losses And Manage The Process

Just starting to fall behind on your lease payments? Rather than falling further in the red, what might sound like the best idea -- to fess up and bring the car back to the dealership, hand them the keys, and be free of the burden -- actually is the worst. Before you go ahead and do this, you should think about your options, and how much grief the move might cost you in the long run. Even if you b

1What Happens To Your Car Payments If You Die?

Bills Pile Up, Even In Paradise

Few people like to think about that great parking lot in the sky, but the fact is, every one of us is going to run out of gas sooner or later. Our descendants/heirs/kids/next of kin will hopefully see to a proper sendoff for us, but what about the ride sitting in the driveway that we still owe a bundle on? Are descendants obligated to make car payments on leases and loans for cars they don&r

AddLease or Buy?

Car leasing is a lot like renting an apartment; you pay a monthly fee to use it but don't own it -- and aren't making payments toward ownership. The leased vehicle remains the property of the lessor -- the company that issued the lease. As with an apartment rental contract, car leasing will have a fixed period -- typically two or three years. You're obliged to make monthly payments for the length

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